Behind the mic! is the new pic of 30 Seconds to Mars Instagram.

Is Shannon singing? or maybe he is maiking his already famous "Testing 1...2...3..."?

What do you think Echelon? Do you want this new face of Shannon on the new album?

As everybody now Shannon has a georgeous voice... deep and sexy, and even when he is kidding singing as other artist (like James Blunt, Björk or Michael Jackson) he sounds really nice.  

Here you have the singing Shannon:

You can also go to "Others" on our download section a get the videos of Shannon singing, and the rest of 30STM's Instagram pics in: 1. Just Shannon > By 30 Seconds To Mars & Co. > By 30 Seconds To Mars



07/06/2012 13:44

Shannon has a great voice :)

SLW Staff
07/06/2012 15:07

Yes, it could be a great new for the fourth album. But by the moment is just a pic! :(

Tenn30STMcookie (Melissa)
07/08/2012 06:37

I was at the Atlanta Georgia show when Jared coaxed Shannon into singing a bit from The Fantasy. The group of Echelon I was with knew what had just happened and what we had just witnessed and we were all in shock but going crazy as well. He sounded so similar to Jared that others did not even realize that it was actually Shannon singing ......I'm glad I was there to witness probably one of the only times he has sang publically! Let's hope we all get to witness it on the next tour...

Shannon-Leto Web Staff
07/09/2012 03:32

Thanks so much Melissa for share with us your memories.

We can understand that fantastic moment of shock...even we are a little jealous ;)

And as you said: "Let's hope we all get to witness it on the next tour..."


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